Our Start

Bravo Nuts Company was established in 2001 in the city of Aqaba, in the beginnings of its transformation into a special economic zone, and when we felt that we needed to increase our production capacity with high quality standards and in addition to modern production lines, the factory was moved to the capital Amman (Muwaqqar Development Zone) in 2012, under the Trademark  “Al Shaab” a word originated from Arabic that means (The People), To prove over the years that the satisfaction of our customers is one of our biggest concerns, as we offer all products of the best types in terms of taste, quality and price.

The Factory

The factory is located in the capital of Jordan – Amman and it was built on an area of 15,000 square meters and a staff of more than a thousand crew members to reach the latest methods of manufacturing with the highest quality sources, by establishing five departments to meet consumers’ needs in addition to the factory located in Aqaba, which was established in 2001

Nuts of all kinds

Coffee of all kinds

Chocolate of all kinds

Sweets of all kinds

Spices of all kinds

Although we strive for many goals, satisfying our customers is one of our most important goals.


Our company is proud to be the leader in the industry by developing its experience from one generation to the next, by providing the latest technologies continuously, and adhering to a tight system to ensure quality, starts receiving components from the best sources in the world, and moves to storage channels, production management, packaging and distribution, all of these factors combined have maintained high levels of loyalty among customers as the company is constantly developing and innovating new methods in manufacturing and marketing, to ensure that they are always of high quality, with healthy ingredients so that they meet customer expectations and remain the leader in its field.

Quality is one of the most important goals that we strive for, and we proudly hold the international quality certificate ISO-22000 for food safety, which is one of the highest quality standards for food safety worldwide.

Our Branches

With hard work, dedication, and effort, the ability of Bravo Nuts Company with the trademark “Al Shaab Roastery” in a record period of time has opened approximately 45 branches in the kingdom and has a branch on an area of 1600 square meters, which is the largest in the Middle East, in addition to 4 offices for importing and exporting in Amman – Jordan / Aqaba – Jordan / Marsim – Turkey / Dubai soon

We serve our customers at the lowest prices for the best quality and type.

Our Ambition

After achieving many satisfactory goals, our products occupied a high position among consumers in the Middle East; we are seeking to expand the scope of production globally, as we are aiming with all our experiences and capabilities to work on reaching all countries worldwide.

We are confident that our products are what the consumer deserves, and we believe that all consumers deserve access to our products.